After the news, Volkswagen will make the latest compact SUV, the latest T-Cross teaser for all-new T-Cross.

The launches are available in Amsterdam, Shanghai and São Paulo. T-Cross uses the same platform as the Polo, which does not have a 4-wheel drive system. And with its clever design, T-Cross is influenced by many cars in the same camp.

The front is similar to the Touareg, whose front grille is designed to blend in with the headlights. The side is reminiscent of Tiguan from the tough lines. The back of the T-Cross is unique.  

With the tail lights, which is not the same as the Volkswagen in the current version with the tail light on the long side, allowing the T-Cross to look wider than usual.

MQB platform, which helps Volkswagen to drive the wheelbase better. As a result, the T-Cross has a wider wheelbase compared to the length of the car. The T-Cross is 4.11 meters long and 2.56 meters.

Volkswagen says there is enough space for five people. The rear folding cushion allows for an additional 5.5 inches in length, which helps to increase the leg area and capacity in the room.

The luggage can be loaded from 385 to 455 liters, if not enough. The rear seat can be folded down partially to increase the capacity to 1,281 liters.

Interior Design The dashboard is the same as the Volkswagen Polo.

The welding system is smarter. Rechargeable battery with mobile phone with 4 USB ports

T-Cross uses four turbocharged engines: three gasoline and one diesel. The 1.0 liter TSI three-cylinder engine provides 94 horsepower and 113 horsepower, respectively.

The 1.6-liter TSI four-cylinder engine produces 148 horsepower, while the 1.6-liter TDI diesel delivers 94 horsepower. All engines come standard with the Euro 6d-Temp exhaust. 

Although it is a small car, the T-Cross offers a number of standard driver assistance options, including Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring and City Emergency Braking System, Lane Assist, Hill Start Assist, Passenger Life Assurance, and Blind Spot Detection. With Rear Traffic Alert

Other assistance systems include Driver Alert System, Automatic Cruise Control, and Park Assist.

All-new Volkswagen T-Cross will begin production in Spain, South America and China during this year. But not in America. And ready for sale in 2019.


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