BMW’s Chief Executive Officer, Karla Krueger, insists there will be no conflict between the use of electric power and excellent driving performance, which is unique to the brand. Enhance your enjoyment and drive the other way.

BMW said. Even with the introduction of hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid cars and plug-in hybrid cars by 2020, sales of these electric vehicles will account for about 20% of total sales until 2025. Electric vehicles may have a higher proportion of sales.

At the right time BMW will add hydrogen fuel cell to its alternative energy vehicle line. At the same time, it is not just focusing on electric power technology. BMW will continue to develop automated driving systems and install them in the production vehicle.

Says Claus Frohlich, director of research and development at BMW. “Driving in traffic is not fun at all. I also have to park hard. Automatic driving gives drivers an alternative. Such systems do not have a complex technology or are too difficult to use. “

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