NURBURG – Vaughn Gittin Jr , the most successful drifter on earth, conquered the cruel tracks of Nurburgring , Germany.

The race track which has a 20-kilometer track length is known as Green Hell. This circuit offers dozens of challenges to racers. This circuit is so fierce that not a few machines fall when trying it.

Green Hell itself is the name given by the legendary F1 driver Jackie Steward. Some new-output vehicle products must try this trajectory if they want to get a title as a performance car.

Even some manufacturers are pursuing speed records on the circuit which is one of the longest in the world. Nurburgring is also often the right place for journalists to find the figure of the car to be launched.

Recently, Gittin conquered the hell track with the Ford Mustang RTR Drift. The drifting champion spurred his car and carried out a drifting action in the German hell. The vehicle used is said to have 900 hp more power.

This action itself is part of a promotional video conducted by the company Monster Energy. This energy drink producer is often the main sponsor of some astonishing actions.

A number of well-known names as we already know before are Ken Block . This time Gittin got the opportunity to do the next crazy action with the #DriftKingOfTheRing hashtag. He successfully carried out drifting on the longest track in the world.


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