HIROSHIMA – Mazda is starting to implement the latest G-Vectoring Control (GVC) Plus technology on the  Mazda CX-5 .

Mazda Motor Corporation has again embed new innovations on their flagship technology, SKYACTIV-Vehicle Dynamic. The reason is, the device is now getting new technology for Mazda car owners to be comfortable and trustworthy when driving.

GVC Plus became the first control system in the world that combines engine torque performance to steering and wheels to produce smoother movement. The technology that will be applied for the first time on the Mazda CX-5 is also able to optimize vehicle loads on each wheel when meeting certain road conditions.

For example, this system will work effectively when cars devour corners. GVC Plus will provide light braking to the outside wheels. This technology will also help stability when the car exits the corner.

Not only on the corner, this system will also make the driver more confident when switching lanes at a high enough speed. This feature also greatly helps Mazda users avoid, if there is a car that stops suddenly. Because it will be applied to all Mazda models around the world, meaning this feature also serves to provide more control over snowy road conditions.

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