Old ghosts still haunt the company.

Nowadays you still hear in the news from time to time that a former SS man was suddenly tried for his actions in the Second World War. Mitsubishi was confronted with the same kind of verdict this week, because the Heavy Industries branch of the Japanese company has to pay compensation to 10 former forced laborers following a ruling by a South Korean judge.

These forced laborers were forced to work for the Japanese company, also during the Second World War. The Koreans, who were not paid for the work they did, were active in a munitions and aircraft factory in 1944.

In total, only 10 people, of which four women are entitled to an amount of up to 120 million, according to the court of appeal. This is converted a small 95,000 euros. Six others have to win 80 million, which is approximately 63,000 euros.

Japan has immediately indicated that it is not in accordance with the ruling. According to the country, the ruling is in violation of a treaty from 1965, with which Japan and South Korean – a former colony of the country – left behind all forms of evil blood. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, South Korea must take measures itself, otherwise it will go to the international court.

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