Toyota FT-1 Concept, which was launched in early 2014, many people think of Supra next. However, it is not known when the next Supra will appear when.

Until the second half of 2018 Toyota has revealed the latest details of sports cars that many people wait with some pictures. The media has many opportunities to test car prototype that was revived last week. And now we have imagery that is expected to be a real Supra on the road.

The sketches are from the members of the Supra MKV forums, which are sketches of cars and colors.

The color that is most noticeable inevitably red. Which is similar to the FT-1, the prototype car. The sketch shows the car in blue, white, yellow, black and silver.

In the overall design of the car. It is similar to the FT-1 Concept, when viewed from the rear Supra new is very similar to the prototype vehicle. And the tail lights almost the same. Spoiler’s face Rear diffuser Fog light and twin tube.

Supra is similar to the FT-1, but smaller in proportion and Supra has a narrower wheelbase but looks thicker than the FT-1 Concept.


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