Does something else change on the back, or is it all too bad?

Finally the time has come: the new Porsche 911 is here! We have long been looking forward to the arrival of the 992 and at the Los Angeles Auto Show it is high time for the German sports car manufacturer to officially pull the cloths of the car. The car retains its characteristic design elements, but goes along with some of its family members in a few characteristic points. At the same time, the technology is being tightened even further and Porsche continues to focus on intelligent auxiliary systems. Below you can read everything you need to know about the new 911.

Because the new generation of the Porsche 911 has been spotted several times , we will be brief about the design of the car . In many ways (many ways) the 992 looks like its predecessor . If you take a quick look at the car, then the two of them are largely similar. As far as the appearance of the 992 is concerned, we can clearly see that Porsche did not need a breath of fresh air, but that it adheres to the recipe that has become so popular with the consumer in recent years.

If we take a more detailed look at the 992, we do see a number of striking differences. For example, the air intakes of the new model are considerably larger than those of its predecessor. The blasting pipes of the 992 are also clearly present, as is the apparently thicker bodywork – which is now almost entirely made of aluminum – of the car. Porsche has enlarged the wheel arches and therefore the front of the 911 is 45 mm wider than before. At the rear we also no longer find authentic rear lights, but a light beam that has been extended from left to right, of which we have already seen variants in the past with our colleagues like Audi , Volkswagen and Bugatti .

Naturally, the interior has also been revamped for the new generation of the 911. Porsche has, in his own words, looked at his cars from the 70s and took inspiration from them to update the interior design of the 992. The inside of the new 911 is tighter than before and this is partly due to the sunken clusters. Outside the cockpit the 10.9 “large display in the middle of the dashboard has to offer a solution to control the functions of the 992. Porsche has also made a special travel app (Porsche Road Trip) and a personal assistant (Porsche 360+). In addition, you will find an emission calculator in the car, called ‘Porsche Impact’, with which you can calculate your carbon footprint.

In terms of technique Porsche still has relatively much information at the chest, because for now the 992 only comes as Carrera Sand as Carrera 4S. In both cases the 992 is powered by a 450 hp three-liter six-cylinder boxer engine, which is 30 hp stronger than the power generation of the previous generation. Thanks in part to the now even simpler PDK automatic transmission, the cars switch to 100 km / h in 3.7 and 3.6 seconds respectively. Four-wheel drive delivers little in this sense, because in a sprint it makes little difference. Nevertheless, both configurations gain 0.4 seconds compared to the old guard, so they are not slow at all. If you tick the Sport Chrono Package on the option list, an extra 0.2 seconds of that time will be scraped for both. The top speed is a nice 308 km / h for the Carrera S. The Carrera 4S has to settle for 306 km / h.

Porsche completes the party by making the Dutch prizes of both performances known immediately. The new 911 Carrera S and the new 911 Carrera 4S can be ordered from 156,700 euros and 165,100 euros from today. The first copies will be delivered in the spring of 2019.

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