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Porsche has long ceased to be a brand that exclusively builds cars for purists. With the introduction of the Cayenne ( driving test ), an SUV for the masses, Porsche has more than confirmed this. Of course they still make genius sports cars. The iconic 911, of which the latest generation has finally been presented this week , has remained reasonably pure despite the fact that it lasts. Porsche is considering changing this now, by making an “SUV” version of the model in the near future.

It sounds like an insane thing, but this is not a brainchild of a derailed car journalist. On the contrary, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where our own @wouter just happens to frolic , a member of Porsche’s Executive Board of Sales and Marketing has elaborated this. Detlev von Platen, from Porsche AG, spoke this with Autocar India and told about the possible paths in which the 911 can still strike in the future.

“The 911 is the center point for all design at Porsche and you will see its influence in other vehicles. But taking the 911 and making an SUV out of it? Taking it higher? That could be a good idea, and of course it (a 911 on stilts) will not be a model range but it will be a limited, a very niche product. “

It is important to mention that the board member does not speak here about a full-fledged production series for such a potential 911 SUV, but that the elevated Porsche should become a sort of exclusive 911 on stilts. Here we can think of a car like the 959, which Porsche in the 80s took part in the Paris-Dakarrally. Of course it is still questionable whether Porsche will actually make such a car, but the fact that they are considering it says a lot.

Porsche has the taste anyway when it comes to limited models, because recently the German sports car manufacturer also presented a modern version of the legendary 935 race car .

Picture: RM Sotheby’s

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