The launch of the new Porsche 911 will be unveiled to the public in Europe in early 2019. Currently, the prototype is undergoing road tests across all regions. Earth As part of the proof of perfection, by conquering the final test program. Which is a process The car will have to deal with various situations. The pressure is enormous.

Testing in the first step It focuses on the expertise and peculiarity of Porsche, including the suspension and the engine. Both systems directly affect the performance of the driver. There are also additional testing steps and durability for all new components in the cabin. Includes faceplate and full screen display. The latest driving aid and communication systems all have to cope with the toughest test conditions: Porsche Connect is tested for connectivity to Different networks in each country. Therefore, reliable functionality and functionality are key factors to consider. Strict test.

For many tropical countries, thePersian Gulf in the Middle East or the Death Valley in the United States. air conditioning system Temperature control system And the ignition efficiency of the engine. Must be tested under ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. – All parts of the cabin must not be extended or deflected until it touches each other and causes noise when faced with the problem. Hot high Or one more obvious example. In Finland the temperature is -35 degrees Celsius. The test method is aimed at the relevant equipment such as low temperature starter system. Heating system And air conditioning Anti-skid system Performance control, including braking performance. All these are all. Importance is no less than the potential for speed and driving style. The road is winding and challenging. The North European region is another ideal environment for the testing of powerful sports cars. Just like running on the line. Long-distance high-speed road in China Including a unique race track in each locality. It also has to cope with the proof of trust when it comes to the need for a very different quality of fuel.

The Nuerburgring course is a setting that defines the core of the rigorous testing and development program. Of the Porsche engine. The maximum operating load from the engine power, transmission, brakes and suspension to the limit. It is a testament to the tough to imagine. The rugged trails of the legendary racetrack, set in the mountains of the Eifel region, will hold up.

On the part of the test in Italy. The prototype is driven at high speeds around the high-speed field. Nardò test tracks not only find the maximum speed, but also test the cooling and control systems. The test car must be run long distances in the lower reaches of the Death Valley, which is 90 meters below sea level, to deal with the sparse weather conditions in the Evans mountains in Colorado. Over 4,300 meters – Both routes are challenging for bimetallic compressor and fuel delivery systems. Now the test has taken place. To the end completely The prototype was driven around the world for a total distance of about three million kilometers.

Another small test. But it is very important. Is a practical trial in the form of street driving in general. These tests help to estimate the distance the car is traveling at each time. The information can be referenced by the traffic law. And to ensure that the Porsche sports car born from the production line. It is perfect in both the system. Trustworthy And still suitable for everyday use. All dedicated commitment to a single goal is to preserve. Traditions based on Porsche’s philosophy of creativity. Guaranteed that the 8th generation of this legendary sports car is the Porsche  911 is the best ever.

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