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Some innovative solutions are so obvious that they can easily be overseen again. In the United States a company has found a solution for an operation that normally takes a great deal of time, money and thinking. To change a front-wheel drive into a four-wheel drive vehicle, numerous obstacles have to be overcome, but Orbis, the company in question, shows that it can be done differently.

Orbis has in recent years developed a system that allows a front-wheel drive car such as the Honda Civic to be easily transformed into a four-wheel drive version of the original. Orbis achieves this by providing the rear wheels of the car to which it lays its hand with electric motors. The company explains it as follows:

“The technology divides a wheel into two essential parts, a stationary hub and a rim or ring.” The ring rotates about the stationary hub, driven by a lightweight, high-speed motor. “

The way Orbis makes the rim motor brings with it two major advantages. First of all, it saves a lot of weight, according to the maker, even up to 40 percent. In addition, the complexity of the powertrain is greatly reduced, because no complicated adjustments now have to be made. The rims in which the electric motors are processed are simply mounted on the axles and the job is largely cleared. If we can believe Orbis it is 75 percent easier than converting the powertrain to build.

The company talks about an increase in the power of 50 hp and 95 Nm per rim, but in practice it has been proven that it can be more. On the Honda Civic Type R , for example, the power has already increased by about 140 hp. A test by the American Motor Trend has already shown that the Type R is more than half a second faster in a sprint to 100 km / h than how it comes out of the factory. Interestingly, the rims do not even weigh so much. Good, with 16 kg each, it is not the least of the feathers, but if you consider that little or no further adjustments are involved, the giant is not so bad. All in all, the Civic is just over 80 kilograms heavier than the original.

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