LOS ANGELES – The Ford Thunderbird, which was once owned by Marilyn Monroe, is planned to be auctioned with an estimated value of $ 300.000 – $ 500.000.

The antique collection hunters in the automotive field are likely to look forward to this title of Julien Action . Because, on November 16-17, 2018, they will auction off Monroe’s historic car, the Ford Thunderbird.

This 1959 open-air roof car was only accompanying the activities of the Hollywood star until 1962. At the beginning of ownership, this car was a Monroe wedding car with Arthur Miller starting June 28-30, 1956.

After 6 years, Monroe gave the car to John Strasberg. The 18th birthday gift for the acting coach’s son was given on July 5, 1962, one month before Monroe’s death on August 5, 1962.

Monroe, who was born on June 1, 1926, began her first career in entertainment as a model in 1945. A year later, she became the best-selling model because she appeared on 33 magazine covers. In 1946, Monroe moved to act in front of the big screen. However, the initial success was only felt in 1950-1953.

Monroe then lived a glamorous life and was controversial as a sex symbol of her time. One of the biggest rumors is his illicit relationship with the President of the United States, John F Kennedy.

Returning to Monroe’s Ford Thunderbird, the V8 engine has 225 hp and can reach a top speed of 182 km / h. Julien Action’s own party estimates that Thunderbird Monroe will be estimated at between $ 300,000 – $ 500,000. The auction system will only be done online. Who is lucky?


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