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The division within the PSA group ensures that the arsenal of Citroën is completely on the shovel. Recently the C3 Picasso, C4 and C5 have already been removed from the range so that you need more than five fingers to count all models of Citroën. Do not worry, the brand with les doubles chevrons is working on a return of the model range. And where do you start? Right: a crossover.

The C3 Aircross started with showing what Citroën means by a crossover. The brand is no stranger to a little out-of-the-box thinking, and that is why they have done their best to make the C3 Aircross a mischievous spectacle. At least, that’s what they say . The facts do not lie: worldwide the Aircross, with some 70,000 sales, does not make the brand a breeze. That’s why the C3 got a bigger brother: the C5 Aircross.

The existence of the large SUV is no big surprise, because the car was already unveiled in China in 2017 . Since then, that car has also been sold considerably and so he makes the crossing to Europe. Citroën brings no groundbreaking new info: the styling is unchanged and the recipe is familiar. He shares his base with the DS 7 , Opel Grandland X and Peugeot 3008.

The car will have access to new gadgets such as Driver Assist with autonomous level 2 and inductive charging for smartphones. In the motorbike field there is a choice of four engines: two petrol engines (130 and 180 hp) and two diesel engines (130 and 160 hp). There will also be a plug-in hybrid in 2019. All versions are linked to the eight-speed EAT8 automatic transmission. The Aircross naturally also has the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions system from Citroën, which debuted on the Chinese version of the C5 Aircross, but in Europe only available on the new Cactus . Finally, Citroën as always values the personalization of the C5 Aircross, with many color combinations, if desired Airbumps and five “ambiances” for the interior.


The car is at top Citroën, whether that is good or bad you have to decide for yourself. Are you in the market for a Grandland / 3008, but it may be just a bit quirky and more fun, then you can end up at the Citroën dealer this year to imagine, as Citroën puts it, a world of personalization.

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