KEMPTEN – Volkswagen (VW) T6 is an aggressive family vehicle after being touched by ABT Sportsline .

The sixth generation VW Transporter as is known is a large family car. This sliding door MPV offers comfort in driving. The features offered also make passengers enjoy traveling even further.

But through the touch of ABT Sportsline, this gambot family car became frightening. The famous home modifications from Germany make changes to the exterior and make it look dynamic.

Touches on the grille, add-ons skirts and rear wing managed to make it more sporty. Moreover, they also changed the fuel drain or exhaust pipe, also pinned a 20-inch wheel house made by the GR series.

ABT Sportsline provides two seats for paddling. So that this car can accommodate consumers who like to do water sports. With a large body, the owner is also more flexible in loading luggage in the cabin.

As a modification house that was established hundreds of years ago, ABT Sportsline certainly won’t let the VW T6 blend without changes in the engine sector. But this time the touch is not too extreme as usual.

The sixth generation VW Transporter ABT concoction only gets a 31 hp power injection on the 2.0-liter BiTDI diesel engine. The result is this car is capable of spraying 232 hp and 490 Nm of torque.

They also do not forget to make changes to the suspension in order to adjust the appearance. ABT Sportsline attaches adjustable shock absorbers so that the vehicle looks more stance.


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