This Honda Civic has been tuned to the brink to produce 1,300 hp to all four wheels.

You’d be amazed at how much power you can pump out of an older-model Honda Civic. Japan made those engines to last, so they’ve been built to withstand forces well beyond anything they’d ever see in the wild. Which means that tuners can get a hold of those engines and push them right up to the breaking point, with astounding results.

Take KKT Racing’s Civic, for example. Thanks to some clever tuning, they’ve managed to not only take their 2000 Civic from front-wheel-drive to all-wheel-drive, but they’ve also given it a ludicrous 1,300 crank horsepower. That’s more than most hypercars and can propel their little Japanese racer to drag race times that put Dodge Demons to shame.

On their first run, the little Civic posted a quarter-mile time of 8.07 seconds at 178 mph. That’s insane. That’s more than insane: it’s almost irresponsible.

How’d they do it? A lot of engineering and a lot of help. The engine is a Honda K24, which is something you don’t find on the 2000 Civic since Honda didn’t start putting them into cars until 2002. You’d typically see this engine in the Honda Accord, Acura TSX, or even the Odyssey minivan.

Stock, power ranged from 160 to 200 hp, but KKT racing definitely did not leave this engine stock. They’ve given it new headers from JBR, a KLM turbo kit, a Pfitzner Performance Gearbox (PPG) racing gearbox, and tuning from CMB Tuning.

With 40 PSI of boost, KKT has dyno tested their wheels at 1,100 hp, which Chris from KKT estimates to be around 1,300 horsepower at the crank. Basically, no Civic has ever had this much power.

Other modifications get their Civic ready for the drag strip. Drag radial tires, an out-the-hood exhaust, a roll cage, and a parachute complete the build and allow this insane car to accelerate to utterly unsafe speeds.

Check out the video and watch a real drag racer show you how it’s done.

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