The app is free, the service is not.

With the launch of the new Porsche 911 , the German car manufacturer also comes with news from the digital department of the brand. One introduces Porsche 360+, a personal assistant that is ready for you every day.

Porsche 360+ has been launched as a pilot on iOS , Apple’s mobile operating system. Only 911 users can register for this test phase. The app is free, but the service costs 99 euros per month. Of course you will get something in return. As a subscriber you can use the Porsche 360+ app to make personal travel plans, buy presents, get tickets for a sold out concert and many more ‘exclusive requests’. On the other side of the line 24/7 a Porsche assistant is waiting for you. Each request is clearly displayed on the dashboard. It is also possible to have your assistant send emails and text messages. You can even hand over a telephone call. Think of it as a kind of digital secretary.

Of course there are also car related issues possible with Porsche 360+. Consider, for example, arranging someone who comes to wash your car at a location as desired. A membership also comes with some privileges. As a Porsche 360 + subscriber you get access to various affiliated business clubs and lounges at airports.

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